“Oline Workrobe is one of my BEST investment” by Dina Putranto

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“I am aware that nowadays there are so many local brands in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta alone, but I found Oline Workrobe appears very rare different. And even some are trying to ‘copy cat’ it styles but none near-missed. I called it; unique. Oline Workrobe is one of my BEST investment and i laff when I saw my money hanging there in my closet! ? and am so so happy when husband is never complained when i made ‘relationship’ with Oline Workrobe, awesome!

Customer is the final filter and I am proud to be Oline Workrobe’s customer so far! Thank you OW, you make me stylist each day and am hunger to meet your other nu creations!”

Dina Putranto – Personal Assistant



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