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Oline Workrobe has been succeeding in combining at least 3 different patterns at once which makes each of their collection unique. Their characteristic makes Oline Workrobe’s collection is easy to recognize. I can easily tell when someone is wearing it.

With their unique combination of pattern, it’s not a wonder that all the collections have complicated cutting. And I always tell myself that, the more complicated the the clothes the more it would define my style. Hahahaha. I can simply match it with any other of my basic clothes.

Besides, I am that type of person who is into loose clothes, and Oline’s collection provides that. So, I can easily be tempted to buy more and more of their collection.

My most favorite is their selection of outers. It can instantly boost my appearance from casual to semi-formal.

Ayunda Merkhanty @yuay

(Mother of 2 adorable children – TRX enthusiast)

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