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Say hi to the holy month!

Ramadhan is our favourite time of the year. And It’s the time to focus on prayer and on overall spiritual remembrance of God. But, in between suhoor and iftar, we have to live our lives as normal, like working or going to school.  You still have to wake up early, you still have to get dressed and for extra bonus points, you have to look put together, right?

Many of you maybe just started to think what to wear during this Ramadhan. Don’t worry, though, we got you! if you’ve been living in legging, crazy outers, dresses  or maybe long-length shirts for this past week, help is at hand.

Sometimes dressing modest can seem to be tricky, but luckily we’ve got some inspirations for you. Hold on minute, it’s time to mix and match! Let’s play…

Flowy Outer

Actually, wearing origami outer is a great piece to consider. it comes  with polka dot prints, and it works well  for modest looks as it’s quite flowy. Mix it with your black long dress or with your favourite denim with a simple casual shirt.

Bye bye Denim

It’s time to gives your denim a break. Wearing  this simple middle length cullote with big side pocket on one side would be perfect choice for your office wear. It’s helping you to stay cool and you know… modest and comfy is a win-win situation! Just grab your favourite blazer and you’re ready to go.

Playing Pastel 

Last but not least, wearing a pastel scheme is always gives you a total great look. Trust us, this beautiful and elegant colours will bring your day a full of joy and happiness. This loose shirt in blue pastel with big flaps will make your look more edgy. Complete this look with cullote or denim pants. Voila!




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